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  • AMFA-SWA Memo: Update on Tentative Agreement
    Updated On: Mar 22, 2019

    Date:               March 22, 2019

    To:                   Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Related Employees

    From:               Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association Negotiating Committee Southwest Airlines Negotiating Committee

    Subject:           Update on the Tentative Agreement

    After reaching an Agreement in Principle (AIP) on March 16, the Southwest and AMFA Negotiating Committees began finalizing the contractual language to turn the AIP into a Tentative Agreement (TA). By and large, this work has been completed, with only a few remaining issues. The TA calls for retro pay through March 31, 2019, and Southwest will provide AMFA with the final numbers around April 5. At that point, AMFA will determine how it plans to distribute the ratification bonus to each individual. The last remaining step is to combine all of the documents we’ve agreed to into one TA document for your review, and we plan to complete this work next week.

    Here are some additional details about the modification of Letter of Agreement 1 (LOA1).

    LOA1 contains AMFA’s consent for eight lines of heavy maintenance to be performed by one or more international vendors, along with other parameters enclosed in the final TA. This is for work that is not currently done in-house.


    Southwest agreed to maintain no less than the authorized 2.75 mechanic-to-aircraft ratio, and this includes aircraft, plant, ground support, Leads, and Inspectors.


    LOA1 contains furlough protection for those on the seniority list at the date of ratification and through ratification of the next agreement.


    Full LOA1 details will be released when the TA is finalized.


    Both committees worked hard this week. There were no major issues, and the small issues were resolved quickly. Outstanding progress was made to bring you a TA as quickly as possible for your review.


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