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    ‘Strike for Black Lives’ on July 20 to Highlight Racism
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    ‘Strike for Black Lives’ on July 20 to Highlight Racism
    Teamsters local 570
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  • ASAP

    What is ASAP?

    ASAP is the Aviation Safety Action Program. This is a program managed by the Company, the Federal Aviation Administration and Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association.

    This is a program that has extensive rules and regulations. It is advised that you contact one of our ASAP Representatives should you have any questions or concerns about this program or whether you should file an ASAP event. Contacting these representatives is not filing an event. There is a specific procedure in order to properly file an event.

    Your AMFA ASAP Reps are:

    Primary: John Paonessa  214-534-7501
    Alternate: Mike Stanley 402-202-1153

    How does a Southwest Airlines member file ASAP?

    • Call Maintenance Control Team Lead with any immediate Airworthiness Issue at 214-792-3899

    • Call the ASAP Hotline at 866-394-7205 within 24 hours of an event.

    • Have the following information ready when you call: employee number, date and time of the event, and a brief summary of event.

    • Complete and submit the on line report from the SWA Life Tech Ops page within five days of your initial call

    The ASAP Report form can be found on SWALife under TechOps and Hotlinks.

    Want to attend an ERC Review?

    ERC Reviews occur usually once a week. If you would like to attend, please contact one of your reps for more information and scheduling.

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