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  • Memo from AMFA Airline Reps re: SWA ETO, ExTO, and VSP Programs
    Updated On: Jun 11, 2020

    June 11, 2020

    For Distribution through All Channels

    To All AMFA Members at Southwest Airlines;

    On June 1, 2020, Southwest Airlines released materials to you, along with the other unionized employees on the property, regarding employee time off programs (ETOs and ExTOs) and a voluntary separation program (VSP). The Company failed to bargain with AMFA prior to formulation and release of these programs. In addition, the Company did not seek any input from AMFA as it related to these programs. In fact, the Company was not prepared to share any details of these programs with your ALRs until May 22, which was only four business days before the programs were scheduled to be released to AMFA members. To make matters worse, the Company insisted we sign overly broad non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in advance of the May 22 meeting to even look at the terms of these programs. We declined to enter into these overly broad NDAs, because it would have restricted our ability to discuss the material directly with you, the members.

    The Company failed to bargain, or even consult AMFA, prior to release of these programs. Therefore, we cannot endorse membership participation. However, we do recognize the decision whether to participate rests with each of you individually. We understand you will do what makes sense for you and your family. If these programs had been bargained and formulated with labor, we would be in a better position to address your many questions to assist with these important decisions. Unfortunately, Southwest chose to go at this alone to the exclusion of labor. Therefore, we must refer all questions you have on these programs directly to the Company.

    The Company has instructed, in its program documents, to call (877) SWA-4SWA with any questions regarding these programs. We recommend you call that number to address the many questions we know you have.

    In Solidarity,

    Your AMFA Airline Reps


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