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  • ALR Membership Update 12.18.20
    Updated On: Dec 18, 2020

    December 18, 2020

    To All AMFA Members at Southwest Airlines:

    The expedited arbitrations concerning the “Reduction in Force” for all three AMFA represented groups began on Monday the 14th and concluded this afternoon. Each Arbitration case had a separate arbitrator assigned. The AMT arbitration was conducted on Monday & Tuesday and utilized an hour this morning to conclude.

    The Appearance Tech case was held on Wednesday and utilized a good portion of today to conclude. The FMT case was held Thursday and finished up around 7pm Dallas time on that same day. In a typical arbitration our CBA requires a decision no later than ninety (90) days. Due to the expedited process and consolidated time frame, the arbitrators, prior to taking on these cases, agreed to work hard to render their decisions prior to January 24th.

    In the meantime, your ALR’s are still hopeful the company will consider various credit items, insourcing of work and voluntary programs that we have previously proposed. We are also hopeful that a new PSP for airlines will be passed by the House and Senate. We will keep the membership posted on any new developments.

    In Solidarity,

    Your AMFA–SWA Airline Representatives


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